Friday, June 25, 2010


Happy Friday! It's payday and I have a serious urge to shop. Do you ever feel like as the seasons change, you literally have nothing to wear? It's so bizarre, but year after year, I sit and stare into my closet wondering what on EARTH I wore the year before. Hmmm...

I'm all about dresses right now and I need some for work and for the weekend. Here are a few cute ones i found this morning . . . while I should be getting ready for work!

I wish I had this to put on this morning!

I also love this for work...

This dress from F21 is perfect for the weekend . . . and pratically free. I am for sure going to try to find this over the weekend!

I love Rachel Roy for work dresses...

Another awesome, casual F21 find.

Yes, please! Spendy, but rad.

Thanks for shopping with me! Now I really must get in the shower. Have a great weekend, friends. Meet me at F21 this weekend?! Cheers!


  1. I was SO close to buying the long striped maxi the other day at F21. Great picks!
    Love your header photo...

  2. What did we ever to without F21? I know that feeling of what did I wear the last time I went out to dinner? So funny, have a great weekend Krissy! Happy shopping:)

  3. Ha, I seriously had a moment trying to dress for a party this weekend laughing (and crying) that I need new clothes, been shopping for my clients, i need to shop for me! F21 is pretty great sometimes....

  4. Update: I found the striped, long dress at F21 this weekend, wore it yesterday and literally got 6 compliments from people on the streets. Everyone needs one!

  5. i love all of these! i feel the same way... what did i wear last summer?! F21 is the best. i bet that dress is so hot on you! xo

  6. I love all of these items! I want to wear them all!

  7. ooh i love the tye dye one! and i'm sure the striped one is adorable on you and your tiny-ness!


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