Friday, June 18, 2010

rent the runway...

so i don't know about you guys... but i'm having a hard time now with all the social media sites like facebook and reusing my dresses for weddings! i used to be able to buy 1 or 2 dresses a season and reuse for weddings in different groups of friends... but with sites like facebook and all the digital cameras around, i end up with the same dress on in multiple photos! ha

so today, my girls at work introduced me to the most awesome site! it's called rent the runway... and you can rent all kinds of designer dresses and accessories for special occasions! i love this idea!  if you're like me and dream of wearing a designer dress, but would NEVER pay the $600+ for one, then this is perfect. the average price to rent is about $100, some are as low as $50. Jewelry is as low as $10...
you can filter through available dresses by price, style, color, occasion, and even body type. there's also a stylist you can call for help on sizing and fit.
i haven't tried it out yet, but it looks really easy to use. you can see which dresses are available on the date you need it... and you can even get a free backup dress in a different size so you don't have to worry about fit. you can also order a second style for only $25 more for the same date so you have two options! the day after your event, you just drop the dress off in the pre-paid return envelope... and they even handle the dry cleaning (an eco-friendly cleaner too)! if you're one like me who spills on myself quite often, you can pay $5 for insurance to cover yourself if the dress is damaged in any way.
and the girls behind this site are so young... and smart! ;)

all they need now is to add shoes and handbags and we'll all be set!

haute hippie chevron sequin dress - retail $695 rent $100

alice + olivia ballerina strapless dress - retail $520 rent $50

PS - this site is by invite only, so click here to sign up. 


  1. What a brilliant idea! There are so many dresses out there that I'd love to wear but can't pay the full ticket price for. This is really the perfect compromise...

  2. That is so great and really it's fun to wear bold statements once and then move on!


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