Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer, finally!

Happy summer, friends! The sun is trying to break through here in Portland and it is about time. I think my single favorite thing about the NW is how late it stays light/warm in the summer. I swear it didn't get dark last night until almost 10:00. Who wants to come visit!?

When the weather gets nice, there's truly nothing better than sitting outside chatting with good friends, sipping on a glass of Rose or my personal favorite summer beverage - - a red wine spritzer. I know Taryn has her own favorite recipe (share, please!), but here's mine.

Red Wine spritzer

2/3 red wine

1/3 chilled sparkling water

Wedge of lime

Also, how totally rad are these? I've yet to try the wine, but I'm loving the concept. They're individually sized, unbreakable, portable glasses! Perfect for a picnic, afternoon at the beach . . . dare I say . . . a movie?! Man, these almost make imbibing too convenient! I believe they're only available in the NW, as of now, but that's just another good reason to plan that trip . . . or just put a request in to your local wine shop! xo


  1. I love sparkling red wines that are not too sweet, but I've never tried a red wine spritzer. Can't wait to give this recipe a go!

  2. yes! i love your red wine cocktails! miss you... i really want to visit! i guess it'll now have to be after we move... xo

  3. As much as I love SD - I do miss those gorgeous PNW summers. Nothing better....

  4. I remember you guys talking about this! I'm totally going to try it:)

  5. love the portable wine idea!! i'll have to post my recipe!


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