Friday, August 6, 2010


i love this photo. i love the dreamy makes me happy. i used to ride horses everyday... and i haven't in over a year. it's a good reminder how peaceful and amazing horses are and that i need to get out and ride again soon.

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

any fun plans? I'm going up to LA to shoot a wedding and some bridal showers.

photo credit - one of my all time favorite flickr photogs - Angela Stella


  1. Really beautiful photograph. That light is just something else. I'm heading out to the Brooklyn Flea today and then to the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum so my boyfriend can geek out. Have fun up in LA! I can't wait to see photos...

  2. i LOVE the photo, have a fun weekend!

  3. Such a whimsical photo. I half expect them to have wings or a horn. I love it. Thanks T.


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