Monday, August 9, 2010

It's still summer, right?

I don't know about you, but I just can't bring myself to buy clothes for fall, quite yet. It's drizzly and cloudy here in Portland, but I feel like I'm still waiting for summer to start! While everyone else is taking full advantage of the sale (and I mean the Nordstrom sale... naturally), I'm just not ready to buy sweaters and boots, I want more summer clothes! Speaking of which, I'm obsessed with this dress by C&C. It seems like every brand is making a t-shirt in this super soft, vintage-y tri-blend fabric and I'm loving it even more in a dress. Maybe this could transition? Flip flops now, leggings and boots later? What do you think?

BTW - I asked my designer/friend here at work to help me convert these images on his Mac and this is what his response was along with the attachments:
"Wow, $78 for an ill-fitting dress made out of t-shirt material...what a deal! I love that it looks like a fat person pre-stretched it out for ironic! ;-)"

This is a different post, for a different day, but I think it's so interesting to think about those who dress for guys versus those who dress for girls. It's definitely a different style, don't you agree? :)


  1. Hilarious response from your colleague!

    As a girl that dresses for myself, and therefore most likely other girls, I defnitely look forward to that post! And I stand by jeans and a white tshirt being the sexiest outfit all around to guys and other girls.

  2. haha i love it... such a guy response! i definitely dress for girls... guys don't get it... girls do. a compliment from a girl means more because they just get it!

    p.s. super cute dress! i'll get it when it shows up in my shop it to me email! ;)

  3. I love that he felt compelled to give you his full opinion. That was funny!

  4. haha that quote sounds like something mark would say :)

  5. That quote is hysterical. I think that dress looks fantastically comfy, though I'd probably be a bit too fidgety with it to wear it out.

  6. ha! that's so funny! i love this dress. i like how prippy handbook said she dresses for herself! ;)


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