Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tunes I Love Tuesday: Jenny & Johnny

I love Jenny Lewis. I loved her as a child star in Troop Beverly Hills (you know you loved that movie, too!), I loved her in Rilo Kily, I loved her with the Postal Service, I loved her with the Watson Twins, I loved her solo and I love her latest album with her boyfriend Jonathan Rice. Check out Jenny & Johnny (and a few of my faves from her past). They're touring right now, but the Portland show is sold out! Maybe you'll have better luck. ;)


  1. OMG! i never put that together that she was in TBH! haha - i love her too. i would love to see jenny & johnny! rilo kiley always reminds me of you! ;)

  2. Not only is Troop Beverly Hills one of the greatest movies of our time ;), but she sang the hell out of that cookie song back then... and now she's even better!

    Love her.

  3. i loved her in The Wizard with fred savage! that was one of my favorite movies growing up! i think i would have liked her music no matter what... just because i loved her as a child star... it does help that her music is super sweet too:)


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