Friday, August 27, 2010

Work clothes just got hot.

It almost feels silly giving the Gap more press on their new line of black pants (quite the ad campaign, huh?) but I gotta say . . . I'm loving my new black slim cropped pants for work. I think next I'll buy the "really skinny" . . . . and then maybe the modern boot . . . and then there's the cute jeggings similar to the ones that the beautiful Shelby had on last night. Shoot and what about this awesome woven tee paired with any of the pants mentioned above? Hmmmm...I was going to head to the beach today, but now I might need to do a little shopping... story of my life.

PS: The Miss B and Hustle ladies had a great time last night with good friends we haven't seen in forever and fellow bloggers, Marisa, Theresa, Melissa, Julia and Shelby! Nothing better than a night out with the ladies! xoxo

All images via the Gap


  1. last night was so fun! And you know I'm all about the gap jeans ;)

  2. So super cute but it's non stop child labor from them...would love to wear these, must investigate further....Have a great weekend!

  3. ooh i like the shoes in #1! i had so much fun too!

  4. i want to try these! would be perfect for shooting weddings. so much fun last night! xo

  5. So great to see all of you girls and I finally met Shelby!! I'm such an old "mom" compared to all you cute young things now!!


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