Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tunes i love tuesday :: stars

today's music i love is the band, stars.
this band has been around for over a decade, but i only discovered them about 4 years ago on one of my pandora stations... and just love their sound. they have a ton of great music and just released their fifth full length album in June, titled The Five Ghosts. Stars is a canadian band whose music has been classified as indie or alternative rock. they have a very unique and varied sound... kind of dreamy and melodramatic.

all members of Stars are also a part of broken social scene (which if you haven't heard, please go check them out too!)

i think my favorite stars album would have to be, set yourself on fire

 here are some of their songs...  old and new.


  1. WHAT?? they're part of broken social scene???? i love both of those bands. probably the song i could not get out of my head this summer was "personal"


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