Monday, October 25, 2010

Pendleton :: Opening Ceremony

I heart collaborations. Especially when it involves bringing new life to an old-school Portland brand and making it majorly hip. Pendleton Woolen Mills has been around for over 140 years and recently partnered with Opening Ceremony.

I'm not sold on the jumpsuit, but I would totally rock this dress and skirt!

Pendleton also makes the blankets for the Ace Hotel in Portland. LOVE. Nothing says winter like a cozy wool blanket!

Photos via Opening Ceremony, Pendleton and the Ace Hotel.


  1. that dress is rad. i love OC! and the ace. what awesome blankets.

  2. Heart the dress. The original Pendelton site has an awesome weekender bag that I must have!

    Ace Hotels are fantastic, by the way!

  3. ohhh that purse is my favorite!!! I stayed in the ACE hotel in Seattle once, it was so fun :)

  4. Krissy...if you wear that HORRIFYING pant suit fiasco, I'll wet my pants...seriously :-p


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