Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tunes i love tuesday :: xavier rudd

xavier rudd's music just makes me happy... it reminds me of traveling and good times.

he's been around for quite some time, so i'm sure most of you know of him... but if you don't you must get some of his tunes! they can only put you in a good mood. :)
i'm dying to see him live...  i've heard he's amazing to see perform. 

for your listening enjoyment! 

happy tuesday!


  1. He's certainly pleasing to look at!

  2. PS I read One Day recently and LOVED it!

  3. His music just conjures up sunshinyness!

  4. I kinda want to make out with him.

  5. ha! that made me laugh out loud krissy!
    yea... he's a cutie too! and talented!

    krystal - i just finished! so good. i loved it too. :)


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