Monday, November 8, 2010


i'm loving me some over-the-knee stockings! :)


  1. Over-the-knee socks are my favorite winter accessory this season. I'm in love. And I think I'm also in love with your blog! I always love meeting a fellow northwestern blogger. Portland is like my second home, and I be you fit in fabulously. I'm officially hooked and following your blog. Feel free to glance at mine if you fancy. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  2. I love over-the-knee socks too and I was actually wondering today if it would be appropriate for me to wear them. I am not a teenager , nor am I in my early twenties but I would love to rock this look.

  3. SUPER cute! I love the layered look from that last pic! T, these would look really cute with your F21 booties you reminded us about in the anniversary post:) jealous!

  4. These are just adorable. I'd love some super thick ones to wear, though I don't think I have skirts short enough to show them off. I totally need to figure this out -- they're too awesome to pass up.

  5. these girls are making me want some of those right now!

  6. I have some super cute grey cashmere thigh-highs that I wear over black tights. LOVE.


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