Friday, November 12, 2010

H&M joins us...finally.

H & M finally opened it's doors in Portland and I couldn't be more ecstatic. I think you could actually hear a collective "finally" uttered by fashionistas around town. I mean, F21 is rad, but we needed another option! There were literally kids on the street camping out overnight to be the first ones in. (It doesn't hurt that the first 200 people in got a gift card between $10-$300!)

Luckily, because my job is kinda rad sometimes and I have a few friends who "know people". I got on the VIP guest list for the party the night before! Free drinks, food and "one night only" discounts + 25% off! Of course, the few things I purchased don't fit and will be going back soon, but it was SUPER fun. Here's a pic of me and two of my favorite friends, Paige and Kevin on the red carpet!
PS: Kevin is also known as Poison Waters , Portland's most famous drag queen. She can be found at Darcelle's on Friday and Saturday nights! Check her out if you ever get the chance, she's absolutely amazing. (Kevin's pretty darn fantastic too!)

Happy Friday, friends! xoxo


  1. finally!! omg i am so jealous that you get to hang out with someone as fancy as poison waters!

  2. yay! so fun to see a pic of you guys. enjoy H&M!

  3. so fun! i want to meet poison waters!


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