Monday, December 13, 2010

Lusting over June...

I was in Nordstrom yesterday doing some Christmas shopping and while I didn't find anything suitable for the peeps I was looking for, I found this coat. Seriously hot lambskin, down-filled jacket with cropped sleeves by June. A girl can dream.

I also saw Black Swan yesterday - whoa. I won't tell you too much, but let's just say, it's super intense. Natalie Portman will most definitely be nominated for the Oscar, she did an amazing job!

Happy Monday! xo


  1. love that jacket! so was black swan worth seeing?

  2. It's definitely disturbing and I had to cover my eyes a lot, but the dancing was beautiful and NP does a seriously amazing job! I'd say, see it!

  3. I SO have to see it! so glad she is nominated :)


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