Thursday, December 9, 2010

kelli murray

i've been wanting to write about the adorable miss kelli murray for quite some time now...
this girl is so freakin' talented... and has to be one of the sweetest people i've met! 
her art rocks, she has kick-ass style, she's an amazing designer and she's just an all around awesome person! if you haven't heard of her or checked out her stuff... you must head over to her site.

i adore her art

i love her blog

shelby & i got the chance to meet her during a shoot a while back, and recently we shot some of her lookbook photos. she always draws her look as well... so rad! (i told you she had amazing style!) 

she also sells her art on etsy...  
and if you're in the san diego area... check out her art show this next week. it will not disapoint! 


  1. she does seem like a very cool lady :)

  2. Such cute stuff. Have a great weekend ladies. xo

  3. oh wow! amazing indeed - love her style ;) have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  4. so cute! i LOVE that drawing she did of her look!


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