Monday, January 17, 2011


Happy Monday! A few of of our faves...

K: I think this was my favorite!! Love!
T: Hands down my fav of the night... anne looked amazing. 
i loved all the long sleeves this year and backless dresses. she was stunning! 

K: This one had to grow on me and I'm still not 100% sure of those shoes, but I officially love the dress.
T: i loved olivia's big poofy dress! i wasn't really feeling the shoes either.

K: There was a lot of emerald this year, right? Not my fave color, but Mila wore it beautifully.
T: lots of emerald!.... i wanted mila to win! thought she looked stunning.

 T: i loved this dress... love the tulle & the color.

K: Stunning in orange! I love the cut of this dress.

K: I love navy on the red carpet! And who doesn't want to be bff's with TF?! 

  T: Another of my favs... loved this dress! 

K: Pretty dress, but I'd like it on someone with a little less chest...
 T: i think few women could pull off this dress and still look classy, but i think january jones did. i loved her hair and makeup. 

K: I wasn't sure about this - - until I saw the back. Gorgeous! And love her.

K: I won't pretend to be a fan of Angie - TEAM JEN, for life. But this dress was rad.
 T: i loved her dress too! again...big fan of all the long sleeves! and this was glamorous!

 T: i thought piper looked so elegant. loved her hair & red lips!

And it's no secret that Miss B and Hustle have a few crushes...Holy hotties! 
They could be wearing sweats.


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  1. These are all so great...Anne Hathaway and Claire Danes were definitely my faves of the night if I had to choose a couple :)

  2. agree with you guys 100%! I was dying over Kyra's earrings too! gorgeous

  3. LOVEDDDDD olivia wilde's dress (hated the shoes). claire danes was my 2nd favorite :)

  4. Anne was my fav but Olivia looked pretty smashing as well.


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