Monday, January 17, 2011

Tunes I Love Tuesday :: The Head and the Heart

Once upon a time, I was up on all of the new bands and I listened to really "cool" music (which is actually how my fabulous co-blogger and I first started hanging out, we both loved going to shows!), but somehow I've recently become one of those people who just listens to whatever they play on the radio. I really want to get back into good music and luckily my good friend Via is the one to help. She is always telling me about bands I've never heard of that are super rad. I'm going to see the Seattle band, The Head and the Heart with her on Wednesday at the Doug Fir and after listening to them for five minutes, I had to share. She says they're the next big thing and I believe her. SO good.


  1. They're FANTASTIC and all pretty good looking to boot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE Lost In My Mind! Have fun at the Doug Fir! Wish I were there with you!!

  3. oh... love them! i need to meet via!

  4. Love this, thanks for posting! I too feel like I am so far removed from cool music these days!! So I am glad you 2 are helping a sister out!


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