Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goin' to the theater...

I loved Taryn's NY resolution to see all of the films up for awards . . . I always end up seeing them later and I think it's a great goal to see everything beforehand...there's just one problem: I'm still waiting for some of these to come to a "theater near me". Two movies I am dying to see are Blue Valentine and Somewhere.

Did you hear Blue Valentine originally got an NC-17 rating? I've heard it's wayyyy depressing, but I'm always attracted to movies that attempt to portray a "real" relationship, no matter how ugly it can be. I'm intrigued, for sure. Here's a quote from Michelle Williams that definitely poses a good question:

MICHELLE WILLIAMS, Best actress nominee for "Blue Valentine", said to the HFPA, "What interested me was the opportunity to figure out how do you go from having the strongest deepest affection for somebody to wanting them off the face of the planet. It was a mystery that I wasn't solving in my own life, but in my detective work as an actress, the answers are easier to find."

I haven't heard much about Somewhere, but I love all of Sophia Coppola's movies, so I'm very anxious to see all of the music is by Phoenix. How can it not be rad?

What else do we absolutely need to see? Have any of you seen either of these films?

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! xoxo


  1. anything with ryan gosling is a must see for me. holy hottie!

  2. Stephen Dorff is pretty sexy, too...

  3. I haven't seen either of those movies yet, but I'm very curious. I'll have to go soon -- Blue Valentine just came out today, I think.

  4. Dying to see "Somewhere." It was supposed to come out a few months ago and they pushed it back, so now that it is coming to a theater near me I am way excited!

    Going to the movies is one of my fave things. It still feels like a special treat each time.

  5. I would LOVE to see these movies as well! Too bad they aren't in Portland, yet :(

  6. funny... I posted about blue valentine yesterday!
    I haven't seen any of these but would love to.


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