Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Just saw these on the Free People website and I'm happy to say that I still have my tan Birkenstocks from high school! Hilarious. I can't believe I've held onto them for so many years and now they're selling them again. It makes me feel kinda old, but also kinda hip. Let's face it, they're not the most flattering shoes and I'm not 100% sure I'll break 'em out again, but maybe . . ? What do you think? Would you?


  1. I still have mine from my camp counselor days! Nice to see that comfort is cool again ;)

  2. i can't believe you've held onto shoes that long!!! i can think of 2 pairs of shoes from high school that i wish i still had.. they're cons and vans. they'd be so worn out and perfect right now... i wish i would've saved 'em.
    i dunno if i could do birks again, but man, they used to be soooo comfortable.

  3. I was just thinking about berks a few days funny. Heck yeah, I would totally rock them!

  4. I've never owned a pair...I doubt I ever will... :)

  5. i would rock them! they were all over NYC last summer (but the newer version that's more like a thong sandal). they look cute in this shot. ha - i love that you still have your HS pair! i never owned any..
    p.s. - i moved into my new place today! :D

  6. Comfy!


    P.S. I think I'll just wear a white tank with that skirt :)

  7. I have a pair of the single strap ones that I wear... So yes, the cool kids are doing it!

  8. I used to wear birks all.the.time. You have made me want a new pair :)

  9. I've been thinking this myself. I can't believe these shoes are popular again. Once or twice I'll have to have to try and wear them again... just to try it!

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