Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can you pull it off?

I constantly hear myself and others saying: "I don't know if I could pull that off..." and it makes me think of all of the "daring" things I've felt that way about "fashion-wise" that are now total mainstays in my closet. Remember when skinny jeans first came out? I thought, "No way!" and now that's all I wear. I wore hot pink lipstick out one night testing the waters and felt so self conscious . . . now I've been wearing it to work practically on a daily basis. Leggings as pants? High waisted jeans? The list goes on! I think it just takes a time or two until you don't feel like you're wearing a costume. Don't you agree? What are some things you felt silly in at first, that you now live in?

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  1. i totally agree! i remember when i started wearing high boots over jeans to work and i felt like a total dork & that everyone was wondering what i was thinking! haha

  2. Nice post Krissy, you just have to wear whatever you want and own it as long as it's looks good on your body type...

  3. love this post, krissy! david gave me so much shit for wearing high-waisted jeans... along with loads of other people. i thought i pulled it off just fine and i still rock em. not everyone wants their thong hanging out the back of their low-rise jeans!! ;)

  4. you always pulled it off jules!! i remember you wearing them and you looked so good! boys don't get it. haha

  5. You know I love my costumes! Ha!

  6. i was totally against skinny jeans and leggings. now i own 1 pair of skinny jeans (although i barely wear them) and i have a ton of leggings (and i don't know how i ever lived without them!). i still refuse to try the high waisted jeans though. not into those AT ALL!


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