Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dance off.

A couple of friends and I took a class called BurlyQ last night at Vega Dance + Lab in Portland and it was sooooo fun!! It's sort of hip-hop/burlesque/half-time dancer-ish. I am so not a dancer and felt self-conscious the whole time (my girlfriend and I were trying not to make eye contact so we wouldn't laugh), but it was a blast. They do the same song/routine three weeks in a row, so you get a chance to really learn it. I'm definitely going back next week and I may even bust out a half-top, leg warmers and pretend I'm a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. I highly recommend checking out Vega or finding a dance studio near you. Here's this week's song:


  1. "Your body's so sick I think I caught the flu." brilliant.

  2. fun!! i wanna go! that sounds like such a fun workout! i love that they do the same one 3 weeks in a row.... looking to see if there's one here. ;)


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