Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long weekend, here I come!

I'm headed down to San Diego tomorrow morning, bright and early, to celebrate birthday #31, (the first time ever it's fallen ON Easter. Weird, huh?!) and hang with family and friends. I am especially excited to reunite with my blogging counterpart, Taryn, for some serious catching up. Texting, e-mailing and talking on the phone just doesn't compare to actual face time! Yay!

PS: Did you watch the OC? I was obsessed!!! LOVED this theme song!


  1. yay! big b is coming to town... let's hope we don't see B.O.B.S. this time! (or maybe we should... that was fun!)
    i LOVED the OC... haha! isn't it weird how long ago that was now?

    see ya soon! xo

  2. Krissy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad to hear you'll be in my neck of the woods to celebrate. Live it up this weekend, girl!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Have a wonderful long weekend celebrating!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Have a great time!! xo

  5. P.S. We'll have to meet one time when you come down...

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! My trip was so fun! I definitely want to meet the SD bloggers next time I'm down! Let's plan a happy hour or brunch in August?!


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