Thursday, April 21, 2011

42 below :: honey vodka

a while back,  i was in SF for a work trip... i stumbled upon the most amazing stuff  ---  honey flavored vodka!
yes!! i'm a fan of all things honey, so this was exciting for me... and this stuff is amazing! 
i had quite a few drinks at this bar with this gal... and we were in love with this stuff.
i tracked it down after on the internet... and it comes all the way from new zealand! 
the company is 42 below and they make a few other interesting flavored vodkas (and have won tons of awards too).

you must check out the 42 below site and click on "products". i love the way they display their vodka flavors
(which all sound amazing by the way - kiwi, passion fruit, & feijoa - YUM!)
then click on "tasting notes" to hear that fab kiwi accent (which i can never get enough of!) talk about the product! ;)

i'm on the hunt for a bar in sd that has this stuff... 
and if you ever find yourself in SF, head over to 15 romolo for a track 42... promise you'll love it 
(and thank me for the cute eye candy behind the bar too!).

PS - they suggest drinking 42 below honey with ginger beer (um... hello! my fav ever!) and lime! yum.... 
i think i need to order some of this stuff now for this summer!

PSS... since we missed some tunes we love on tuesday... 
here's two songs i'm loving right now by the band stornoway
check them out!


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