Monday, April 25, 2011

volcan, panama

hi and happy monday! 
we wanted to share some more photos from our trip to panama... these are from the adorable moutain town of volcan

 darling aunt fern with her rum and coke...

p.s. - we had the BEST time last night at the head and the heart show at the casbah! wow... they are amazing live! and the best part was that we got to meet and chat with one of the singers, jon after - it made krissy's b-day! ;)


  1. Your trip looks like such a blast - thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos.

    BTW - that little cow with the droopy ears is adorable.

  2. I love that there are some photos of people on here too! So beautiful. And is it strange that the photo of the cows is one of my favorites?

  3. Great photos ladies. Love the pic of you two. So, so cute.

  4. Your pictures are so fabulous!!! It looks like a super good time - and there were so many photo ops, love it:)

  5. great pictures! i looooove the cows :)

  6. beautiful pictures, taryn! i'm bummed i missed you guys... we got home way too late from easter shenanigans:(


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