Thursday, June 9, 2011

Practically Stolen :: Mother/JBrand

I've been in desperate need of new jeans lately. Everything in my closet is either too big, too small . . . or just too old. I planned on splurging and just getting a pair I love, but I always feel guilty not at least looking for a pair on sale first. Lo and behold, I found two super hot pairs at the Rack that were marked "Altered or Refinished" and they happened to fit me just right and the exact pairs are being sold at Nordstrom right now (I checked.)!

The moral of this story? One woman's poorly altered clothes are another woman's treasure.

Loooooove these flares by Mother.

These mid-rise skinnies by JBrand are amazing.

images via shopbop


  1. i've never bought anything from them, but i do love both of these!

  2. cute! love, love, love the flare pair!
    i had the same luck last year at the rack. i found a pair of true religions that had been altered. i gave 'em a shot, and they fit perfectly!! i've never had a pair of jeans fit so well. i don't think i paid more than $20 for them.


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