Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sweet shades.

I'm sure you've all heard . . . TOMS has launched an eyewear line and they're super cute and affordable. True to their one for one model and with three classic, flattering styles available, I'm sure these shades' popularity will be no different than their shoes, so get 'em while you can.

Speaking of which, have you tried to get a pair of the wedges in your size and fave color?! The sales girls look at you like you didn't get the memo. "Uh, (haha), nooooo, we can't keep those in stock...", she said with a look like she kind of felt sorry for me.

Anyway, go Toms! Keep up the good work!

Classic 101

Classic 201

Classic 301


  1. Classic 301 is calling my name!!

  2. Well shoot. I think I want all three!

  3. those are awesome options! i love the last ones!

  4. Oh man, here comes another money suck. Too cute to resist! See you soon 201.

  5. amy, YES! i saw them this weekend! krissy, i got the striped TOMs wedges in 8.5 at the fashion nordstrom... maybe you need to move back! :) i'm totally getting my dad a pair for fathers day... LOVE these!


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