Monday, July 11, 2011

1950's retro wedding

shelby and i over at joielala recently shot a super rad wedding... the bride and groom are a hubby/wife photographer team called love me sailor & these two rock! the wedding is featured over on 100 layer cake today (in 3 parts). we'll also be posting more images tomorrow over here on joielala!

i loved the music dominique and ron choose and such a unique idea for their first dance! this wedding was a blast for us to be a part of!

see the feature here & here & here!


  1. omg, i can't believe you shot that super cool wedding. it was beautiful! loved all of the details!


  2. OMG! congrats ladies!! Gorgeous photos and a well deserved feature!

    PS: Don't forget to stop by and enter my latest giveaway!

  3. super adorable and how fun to be chosen by OTHER photographers to photograph THEIR wedding... must be a big honor, right?!

  4. thanks you guys! i know, right!? dominique's hair is beyond amazing! so much fun to shoot.

    jules - yes! seriously such an honor! shelby and i were so excited (and nervous a little too!) ;)


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