Friday, July 8, 2011

panama :: gamboa & panama city

we spent the last day of our panama trip in panama city and headed over to gamboa...
panama clouds... taken with my iphone
flying into panama city - over the panama canal
los diablos rojos - panama's renegade transportation system
best middle eastern food! so good!
krissy at dinner in the marbella area of panama city
spent some time at the casino across from our hotel... i won big on this game! haha! (t) ; oh and some guys took a bet that they thought Krissy was either Argentinian or Parisian! ha - they both lost!
crossing a very crazy bridge over the panama canal...
gamboa resort
a harpy eagle... so amazing in person
this little guy was in the rehabilitation center
a jaguar... really cool to see so close up!
cutest kids ever that wanted to practice their english with krissy & i
on a boat in the panama canal
panama canal - the water was really dirty from a recent flood
crocs along the bank of the canal...
another croc
howler monkey on monkey island
capuchin monkeys -- this one was calling to it's buddy across the water!
turtles chilling in the canal
the two of us looking so hot in our life vests! ha
this sign made us laugh...
another diablo rojo
serious down pour / crazy panama traffic jam!
ended our trip at the airport with mas panamas of course! ;)
seriously, what an amazing trip! the two of us had the best time -- and laughed so much! if you ever get a chance to go to panama - we highly suggest it! ;)


  1. LOVE all these photos... this trip looks like it was amazing!

  2. Seriously love all the photos!! Are you kidding me with that turtle on wheels?!

  3. thanks!! ha! yea... how cute was the turtle on wheels! such an amazing trip - get to panama if you ever get a chance! krissy & i will tell you where to go!


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