Wednesday, October 26, 2011

drooling over :: christian siriano SP12

i keep going back to mr siriano's spring 2012 collection to look again...  i just love every bit of it! the colors & the mix of simple & chic... one of my favs for sure!

p.s. christian has to be my favorite reality tv star of all time. "Don't these bitches know that I'm.. way better than them?"


  1. LOVE that fun, full skirt. Like a princess costume for adults.

  2. Oh, I loooooove all of these! That striped top and long orange skirt is tdf!

  3. love love the blush pink top with mustard skirt. I wish I can actually wear something like that here in PORTLAND! gosh invite me to some event or something. ;)
    cute blog!!


  4. Ohh they are all stunning. Im totally lusting over the first one. Happy Friday, sunshine.

  5. LOVE the top & skirt in the bottom-left photo. if i could rewind time to before i got married, i'd totally wear that (in lighter colors) to my beach wedding.

  6. I love Christian also! And that collection is amazeballs. I need to check it out myself! Love the colors!


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