Friday, October 28, 2011

manic panic

dying my hair some crazy color is kind of like how i'd love to get a full sleeve of tattoos... 
i'll never do it, but my alter ego really wants me to!

stay safe this weekend!

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  1. I have never died my hair even a normal color... yeah I'm pretty much a scaredy cat

  2. Yes, that is all kinds of amazing. Getting my hair (finally) cut and colored this weekend and I'm bringing this pic :)

  3. haaa, this is exactly how i feel. i would love to dye my hair some crazy manic panic color, get a mohawk, and full sleeves... but for now i'll stick with my very generic brown hair and 1 tiny daisy tattoo. i'm hardcore.

  4. I love how her hair is curled and then straight at the tips!


  5. Love this jacket! I want more tats as well but not going to happen anytime soon.....

  6. Just did my hair a really bring pink at the tips, I used manic panic hot hot pink and I love it. Had to bleach quite hard to get a pale enough base for the dye but it looks awesome now. Got the dye from these guys:


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