Monday, October 24, 2011

Holy Hottie :: Young Brad

I saw Moneyball this weekend and it was pretty good! You'll especially like it if you're a baseball fan (I am not and I actually thought it was about football until it started). Brad's lookin' alright these days (I mean, I guess I'd let him buy me a drink), but remember him in Thelma & Louise?! Holy Hottie!

Team Jen 4 LIFE!


  1. I love baseball and heard this film is a must for me. Holy hottie is right, he was out of control in that movie!

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  3. Who needs Roger Ebert when Krissy's reviewing movies?! I love your recap! I found myself recommending it to people over the weekend and have a feeling it will be up for an Academy Award-so we did good by seeing it.

  4. He looks totally hot! hahah..Have a grea day, sweetie


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