Friday, October 21, 2011

things we love, that you should love

It's Friday! Do you all have big plans for this weekend? We hope that whatever you do, you have the best weekend ever! See you on monday! xo - t & k

k: I just picked up this color at JCrew and I absolutely love it! Keep on collaborating 'Crew, it's workin' for ya!

t: back when i used to work in footwear, i had a bunch of korean friends i worked with and they would always share their amazing roasted seaweed snacks with me and i became addicted. and now trader joes has their own... and they even have a wasabi flavored one! beyond addicting & low calorie too! (i got k into them too!)

k: I stumbled on this awhile back and it's the best product ever. It removes deoderant/makeup stains from any garment, effortlessly.

t: just got my "zom body to love" green glow in the dark nail poilsh for halloween! ;) loved this little "spookettes" pack of mini polishes from OPI. (others included: he's my boo (orange), mummy knows best (white), &  i only date werewolves (black crackle)

k: Everyone around me is sick right now and I keep avoiding it (knock on wood), because I LOAD up on this stuff the moment I feel something coming on. Works like a charm.

t: instagram has been the newest social media rage... but i keep hearing people that don't know about it, so i thought i'd share. it's like twitter but with photos. it's been another fun way to connect with people... so if you don't have this app yet - go get it and start posting photos!  it's a lot of fun.
look us up and add us... our screen names are: tarynk & englekrissy and we have one for joielela:  joielalaphoto

oh and you need an iphone or ipad to use this app... so maybe it's time to switch over if you haven't already..  have you seen what the new siri does?


  1. Um, IPHONE needed!!! And I love the Wasabi Seaweed snacks, soooo delish!

  2. love it.
    please come to see mine.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with Trader Joe's seaweed snacks!


  4. i've been really curious about those wasabi snacks... i need to try! i need a pinche iphone too!

  5. Oh yarm - I love seaweed snacks


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