Tuesday, October 18, 2011

tunes i love tuesday :: the naked and famous

we saw the naked & famous last week . . . just not together. Boo! BUT, we agreed that they were amazing live! alisa's voice is mesmerizing. 
 check out our fave songs below and add this band from NZ to your spotify immediately!

photo by taryn

photo via google image search


  1. I'm a fan, too. Nice to know they put on a good show... will keep an eye out for them in DC!

  2. where is the "thumbs up" icon because i like, i like! especially love the third pick. yea, her voice is pretty sweet.

  3. good band, I'm jelly you saw them ;)

  4. I am massively jealy that you got to see them live! I dig them mucho!


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