Wednesday, February 15, 2012

bali :: canggu

we have some more photos from our bali trip for ya today! 
after uluwatu, our next stop was what we think is the closest thing to heaven on earth... a little place called desa seni, located in canggu. we could have stayed here the rest of the trip and been happy - it was hands down the most amazing place either of us have ever been. everyone who worked there knows your name, the food is all grown on property, and the decor is beyond words. 
oh.. and we saw tyra there - yeah, tyra banks - just chilling at the pool - her and miss b & h! NBD

 view of desa seni from the road...
 the entrance

 our HUGE villa... (bigger than both our studio apts at home combined)

 on the right is the entrance to our amazing outdoor bathroom...

 morning light on our porch
 loved the texture of the floors

our dog friend seni

 yoga studio

 sunset drinks at ku da ta

best salt water pool

 rice fields

 mulberry squash - fresh squeezed mulberry juice with fresh coconut water = yum!
 our rad front door - that big piece of wood hanging out was our key!
 ikat in the market

and a big thanks to katie for introducing us to our now favorite place on earth.
more photos to come from the rest of our trip! xo


  1. Just Tyra! NBD! Desa Seni is my favorite place on earth! Let's go back!

  2. Such a beautiful place to visit. I want to go back!

  3. Sorry it took me so long to get over here and look at these gorgeous photos of your trip to Bali! Wow, what a trip of a lifetime. I especially love the shots with the bits of red in them. So, so pretty.

  4. gorgeous fabric!! where was this market? have to go...


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