Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!!

first, we'd LOVE for you to head on over to the post social and check out our non-cheesy valentine's day mix! we think it's pretty rad, if we do say so ourselves!
in honor of valentine's day, check out some of our favorite lingerie from Shopbop - ooh la la!
xo, t & k


  1. Umm...is it strange that before I read your words, I thought these were cute (albeit somewhat see through) bathing suits? They're even more fun as Lingerie. And I LOVED your post at The Post Social. Seriously excellent collection of music.

  2. LOVE the first one! i thought it was a 1 piece swimsuit at first, then i thought "oh, it's a super cute (although super short!) romper". hmm, never would've guessed it was lingerie! super cute though :) hope you girls had a good valentine's day!


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