Tuesday, November 17, 2009

art swap.

So I sometimes have to hire freelance designers to help design graphics for my job... And my good friend katie always hooks me up with some awesome talent at 24/seven.
A while back, she sent me this girl, daniella to help me out and I loved her work, and since then have worked with her a bunch and also have become a huge fan of her art. She is so talented!

This morning I was lucky enough to do an "art trade" with daniella.
 She gave me this print (which looks even more amazing on stretched canvas).

And I traded her for this photo of mine from my etsy site:

I love new art and it's even more fun when you do a trade! :)

Here are some more of my favs from daniella's portfolio...

she actually won the Billabong's Design for Humanity with this design:


Check out her website to see more.
Thanks again d for the trade! :)


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