Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Saturday, spring officially begins. Although, according to my itchy eyes and crazy sneezing attacks, it began about two weeks ago.

Here's my question. What should one wear in cities that require "transition" clothes? My usual rule is no open toed shoes or sandals before spring (it just looks silly) and after March 21st, no tights, wool coats or boots (again, silly). And although it's supposed to get close to 70 degrees this weekend (um, yay!), the rain will be back come Monday.

It seems like the rules have changed in fashion and anything goes these days, with open-toed booties, tights with sandals, floral dresses with coats and tights and, my personal favorite, leggings, which are perfect no matter the weather!

Is the key just layers and layers of spring-y attire? Here are some outfits that might work, but I'd love to hear your opinions on what's weather/season appropriate and what you think people can and can't get away with.

Here's Maggie Gyllenhal with boots and bare legs. You like?

Miss Moss looks pretty spring-tastic, but still appropriately warm, right?
PS: Love this site.

More bare legs with boots. Found this cute dress on Bliss!

This look goes back to one of Taryn's posts about loving jean shorts with tights. Seems like the perfect time of year for me to try out this trend!

Happy St. Patty's Day, people!


  1. i think anything goes right now... as long as it looks cute. everyone is on a budget right now, so it's all about using what you have in your closet and coming up with new outfits. Also, one of the trend seminars i went to was talking about how since the economy stresses everyone out, fashion tends to go towards making people feel more comfortable...
    today i'm wearing a quarter-length sleeved sweater over a jean skirt over footless tights -- with peeptoe flats... kind of a random outfit i threw together this a.m. ,but i kind of goes with what you're talking about! haha
    i miss you already --- i want to come back up!!

  2. Layers are you best bet and I completely agree with Taryn: right now anything goes. The most important thing is that you're true to yourself. Enjoy that warm weather!

  3. krissy, i love that frugal fashionistas site!!


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