Thursday, June 24, 2010

slammy juice

as an extension to krissy's last post on wine spritzers... i wanted to post my favorite recipe.

i have to give credit to my good friend tammy for inventing this one and sharing with me. we were both on a work trip to NY together once and on the plane ride out, she introduced me to what she calls "slammy juice". how perfect is that name!? (it's even better if you know tammy!)
i have since then passed this along to many of my friends... and find myself often ordering these drinks to make one when i'm on a plane.

>>> slammy juice <<<
ginger ale
red wine
pour desired amounts over ice... and enjoy! 

seriously, the best thing ever! especially on a plane for some reason... kind of fun to make while you're sitting in your tiny cramped seat. ;)
try it out next time you're on a plane... it's light and refreshing.

speaking of planes... i'm off to san fran with shelby today... we have some shoots up there + some client meetings... but we are planning to have a ton of fun too. ;)
(i'll have to introduce her to some slammy juice!)

have a great weekend! xo


  1. I shall try this one too! Have so much fun in SF and good luck with your shoot and meeting!:)

  2. that sounds delish! and i'm totally down for anything to distract me from flying!

  3. yum! I love I will try this one for sure!!

  4. HAH who doesn't love getting trashed on a plane?!

  5. Uh...remember you're supposed to be responsible for me this weekend ;)

  6. YUM!!! I am sooo going to try this out!


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