Friday, May 27, 2011

boundless & portland bound

if you're in the seal beach area tonight (or in the next few weeks) - you must go check out my girl sita's art show! I've talked about her amazing talents before (like the awesome tank skate deck she made me!)... and this is her first solo show! so proud of her and i can't wait to all her new amazing art tonight!

also excited because i'm heading up to P-town for the weekend to visit miss krissy! we are going to have too much fun! have a great weekend friends! xo

p.s. - if you don't already follow us on twitter, you should add us - we'll be together all weekend, so i'm sure we'll be tweeting away! xo


  1. We'll be tweet-crazy for sure! Cannot WAIT to see you! yay!!!!

  2. Have an awesome time in Portland together, ladies!

  3. Super lovely blog!



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